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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation young_people
  • Norwich City CSF - Young People
  • Norwich City CSF - Young People
  • Norwich City CSF - Young People

Pan-Disability Soccer Skill Centre

Football coaching for participants across all disabilities

Supported by funding from the Premier League, our popular Pan-Disability Soccer Skill Centre gives participants the chance to play football against other players with differing impairments.

With both a child and adult Centre, the mixed-gender sessions are delivered on a weekly basis and are themed around all aspects of football.

The Skill Centre is designed to improve footballing skills whilst boosting social skills such as self-esteem and confidence.

Sessions take place at CSF’s Carrow Park facility on Tuesdays, in the shadow of Norwich City's Carrow Road stadium. 

New in 2016, we also run sessions at Flegg High School on Wednesdays. Please see below for booking details.

The cost per session is just £2 per week. 

WATCH: Canaries defender Michael Turner visits a Pan-Disability session

Contact the CSF Disability team on 01603 761122 to discuss the programme in more detail or book a place for the rest of the block, online below. 

Programme funders:

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