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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation schools
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  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education
  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education

Aviva Schools Disability Grand Prix Leagues

Organised tournaments for schools, colleges and day care centres

The Aviva Schools Grand Prix Leagues are a great opportunity for children to come and play within a competitive environment. We run four leagues, so that the leagues are accessible to as many people with disabilities as possible within Norfolk and north Suffolk. The GPLs are run in a league format over a number of dates and the team that accumulate the most points at the end of the season are crowned champions.

Additionally, the Adult Grand Prix Leagues cater for Colleges and Day Care Centres.


Aviva Schools Grand Prix Leagues are run three times a year and players represent their school at various abilities and ages. The results are added up over the three dates and the winners are decided and trophies and medals are distributed.

The leagues are broken down into:

Severe Learning Disabilities - U16 mixed
Moderate Learning Disabilities - U16 boys
Moderate Learning Disabilities - U16 girls
Moderate Learning Disabilities - U14 boys

Additionally, we run a one day tournament for under 12s each year. 

Programme funded by: 

Football League Trust       Sporting Light Appeal      AVIVA