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Canary Fives

Canary Fives tournament for Year 3 and 4 students

Introducing the Canary Fives tournament!

Canary Fives is aimed at pupils between the ages of 7 and 9 with the competitive nature of regular tournaments being removed to put an emphasis on fun and inclusion.

Over 50 schools from Norfolk and north Suffolk join us for a day of 5-a-side excitement over a period of 4 weeks in our Carrow Park facility, located behind the Jarrold Stand of Carrow Road stadium.

In order to get everyone involved, both boys and girls will compete with girls taking to the field in the first half before the boys get their chance in the second. 

WATCH: All the action from a Canary Fives matchday 

Everyone from these years are invited, whether they are confident or not, play for a club or just play for fun, our aim is to make sure that self-confidence can be improved and developed inside a friendly and welcoming environment.

One of the group matchdays will be a small schools day to make the competition fairer and ensure that all schools can participate.

To end the tournament, everybody will be rewarded a medal for their efforts plus given a chance to meet Sportasaurus, CSF’s friendly mascot.

To find out more what CSF can offer your school, plus information on Canary Fives, please contact our Schools Development Officer, Joe Harvey, on 01603 761122 or at

Canary FicesCanary Fives

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