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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation schools
  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education
  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education
  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the highest standards for your school and your pupils

The Foundation prides itself on the quality service that we provide to teachers, staff and pupils.

To help maintain and improve this, the Foundation has an Educational Advisory Panel made up of the following people:

Stevie Bramble  Curriculum Manager
Joe Harvey  CSF Schools Development Officer
Asa Saunders  CSF Schools Partnership Officer
Lauren Purton  CSF Schools Activity Co-ordinator
Stuart Allen  Headteacher, Mile Cross Primary School
Matthew Parslow-Williams  Headteacher, Hethersett Junior School
Heather Delf  Headteacher, Ludham Primary School
Steve Godson  Consultant Headteacher
Malcolm Gray  Consultant Headteacher
Richard Boyce  Headteacher, Falcon Junior School
Fiona Whiting  Extended Schools
Nik Austin  SAL Diploma Lead Teacher, Hethersett High School
Ian McAnally  Vice-Principal, Ormiston Venture Academy
Keith Mackenzie  Special School Headteacher

This panel of people has been assembled to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge that they can share to make teachers’ and pupils’ experience and learning outcomes the best that they can.

CSF coaches discuss a session

The First XI
The panel have come up with the 11 most important areas that they require when using outside providers. The Foundation has met all of these.

1 - All staff attend a detailed internal CPD programme which includes elements based within the school setting

2 - All staff have a minimum of a UKCC level 2 coaching qualification

3 - All sessions are fully inclusive at both ends of the spectrum providing for SEN and Gifted and Talented needs within each lesson

4 - All staff work to your school's policies and procedures ensuring consistency across reward and behaviour strategies

5 - All staff possess an enhanced CRC/DBS disclosure, first aid and safeguarding children qualifications

6 - On-going pupil assessment allows for constant pupil tracking

7 - Various opportunities to embed cross curricular learning throughout the programme

8 - Extensive planning and support documents to meet OFSTED criteria

9- A comprehensive and flexible scheme of work compiled to meet the needs of your school and its pupils

10 - All educational programmes are supported by our Educational Advisory Panel

11 - Staff have an underpinning knowledge of current national and local agendas such as Healthy Schools and Change4Life