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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation schools
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  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education
  • Norwich City CSF - Schools & Education

Enterprise Programme

Developing business and enterprise skills through Norwich City Football Club

Supported by the Premier League and Aviva, this unique scheme allows pupils to learn business and enterprise skills through understanding the day-to-day running of Norwich City FC.

By focussing on the various departments, products and customers of Norwich City FC, the 12-week course will inspire pupils to become more 'business smart' in their chosen career paths. 

At the end of the programme, the pupils will organise an event to raise funds for the Community Sports Foundation.

Students learn about social media marketingStudents take a tour of Carrow Road
The programme includes an Inspiration Day, where students will visit Carrow Road and attend workshops delivered by CSF and NCFC staff. Click here to read more about the latest Inspiration Day.

Delivered at Key Stage 3 schools by our Enterprise programme team, the programme consists of one hour lessons. 

Aviva supports the Enterprise Programme by providing financial and educational assistance, as well as providing essential volunteer support during the lessons and events.

Norwich City FC Chief Executive Jez Moxey, pictured below at the most recent Inspiration Day, said:

"This programme can help educate young people and prepare them for their future, where business skills are so important.

"Through our partnership with Aviva, we aim to help children to be more confident in, and increase their enjoyment of, enterprise education and build their financial awareness.

Jex Moxey is the guest speaker at recent Enterprise event

For more information on the Enterprise programme, contact the PL Enterprise Coordinator on 01603 761122 or by email 

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