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Wish Day at Carrow Road

Young Canary fans with autism attend fixture

The Community Sports Foundation (CSF) invited two Canary fans with autism and their families to attend the Championship clash between Norwich City FC and Brentford earlier this month. 

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability and can affect how people communicate and relate to others. It is categorised as a spectrum condition meaning while all people who have autism share certain difficulties, it affects them in different ways.

Harvey, 18, and Alfie, 7, have been following Norwich City FC from a young age but don’t often attend fixtures due to their struggles with the loud atmosphere and match day buzz.

This experience allowed the boys to attend a match day safe in the security of one of the sponsor boxes.

CSF Fundraising Officer Emma Fletcher arranged to meet Harvey, Alfie (pictured right) and their parents initially before the game where they were treated to a visit to the press room, went pitchside and sat in the dug outs. She said: 

When the opportunity came around for us to have a box allocated for a game we jumped at the chance and immediately thought of how we could use it. 

"Here at CSF we offer Disability Match Day Clubs which involve youngsters watching a game from the stands, but as there are certain levels of autism not everyone can feel comfortable around loud noises, big crowds etc."

On the day, Alfie and Harvey each received a goody bag full of Norwich City FC gifts which included a Norwich City shirt.

Harvey's Dad, Jonathan reflected:

"To watch the game from the box allowed Harvey to be himself, especially during the celebrations of the five goals."

"This is a great opportunity put together by CSF which helps children such as Harvey enjoy Norwich City Football Club. Great work and many thanks to everyone involved.”

If you would like more information on our Wish Days, click here or please contact


Story added: 13 Dec 2016

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