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Wish Day

Surprise treat for youngsters at Colney

A group of children with a range of disabilities were recently treated to a very special day at the Club’s Colney Training Centre as part of the build up to the Community Sports Foundation’s Community Week

Expecting only a tour of the facility on arrival, the group were able to watch Alex Neil’s entire training session before spending lunchtime with the whole Norwich City first team squad. 

Among the group were a handful of pupils from the Hall School in Norwich and headteacher Keith McKenzie, who spoke of how much the day meant to them. 

He said: "The chance to come here today will be life-changing; these children will not forget that experience for as long as they live." 

Also among the group was Community Hero for the Manchester City game Siggy Sorboen and friend Joe Fisher, whom Siggy looked after following a recent accident on their walk to school. 

The Club and the Foundation are celebrating Community Week this week, which culminates on match day with a series of activities before and during the Newcastle United game.

VIDEO: Watch the video from the Wish Day  

Story added: 01 Apr 2016

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