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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation news
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  • Norwich City CSF - News & Media
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Thousands raised for CSF

A busy weekend of fundraising for the Foundation   

Last weekend, nearly £3,000 was raised for the Community Sports Foundation (CSF) which will help support disadvantaged and disabled people across Norfolk. 

On Saturday, 4-year-old Lucas (pictured below, left) had his first ever hair cut in aid of the Foundation and raised over £400. 

Lucas’ proud Dad said:  

"Lucas' initial target was a humble £10 and his excitement as the money started rolling in was infectious. When he was sat in the hairdresser's chair he was beside himself and didn't stop smiling throughout. 

"We are just so proud that Lucas is considerate enough to think of others and that he made the decision to do this, he doesn't have much of his own to give but he chose to give what he could.

"We have seen the work that CSF does for local children and adults and he was very happy to contribute to this."

As a thank you for his valiant efforts, CSF arranged for the young football enthusiast to have his name in lights on the scoreboard during Norwich City’s home clash with Brentford last weekend.

4 year old Lucas after his hair cutSkydivers after the jump

On Sunday morning, a brave group of volunteers took to the skies and successfully completed a Sky Dive at Ellough Airfield near Beccles. 

Six fundraisers Jenna Cannell, Summer Moore, Jo Crocker, Jessica Sparkes, Ben Wicker and Paul Dungay, each jumped from 13,000 feet, raising over £2,400 for the Foundation.

CSF Fundraising Officer Emma Fletcher said:

“Despite being a little chilly the weather was spot on and all our sky divers really enjoyed themselves.  

“We’re so grateful to all the fundraisers who took on this massive personal challenge to raise a fantastic amount of money for us.”

If you would like to get involved and help raise funds for CSF contact Emma Fletcher on 01603 761122 or email

Story added: 08 Dec 2016

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