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Matchday experience for the PDC

PDC players enjoy day at Norwich City Football Club

The New Year started off well for the boys’ U9 Player Development Centre (PDC) last Saturday, with a set of fixtures and an exciting day of activities at Carrow Road.  

The boys welcomed teams from the Cambridge and Suffolk Regional Development Centres to Carrow Park, the Foundation's football facility adjacent to the stadium.

Prior to the fixtures, the boys had the chance to watch the thrilling Premier League game between Norwich City F.C and Liverpool F.C, which saw a total of nine goals scored.

On the pitch at Carrow ParkThe players in the CSF Development suite

Additionally, the boys participated in a series of team building meetings in the Community Sports Foundation’s (CSF) Development Suite, where they discussed team tactics, motivation and techniques - just like the pros!

The coaches were pleased with the boys’ performance on the day. Lewis Plowman, CSF Football Development Co-ordinator (U5-U9), said:

“This was an excellent experience for the boys. They were an absolute credit to the PDC on the day and demonstrated the good attitudes and application they consistently show in their weekly training sessions.

“A big thank you to the Cambridge and Suffolk Regional Development Centres for coming along.”

Players from the opposing teamPDC players at Carrow Park

The PDC offers players the chance to receive technical coaching sessions at venues situated in key areas around Norfolk and North Suffolk as well as opportunities for select players to represent the squad. Upcoming fixtures will be announced in due course.

If you’d like any further information on the Player Development Centre, please click here.


Story added: 29 Jan 2016

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