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Footy Finance

New educational programme allows children to put their business acumen to the test

An innovative new educational programme developed by Aviva in partnership with Norwich City Football Club was launched last week.

Footy Finance gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of football away from the pitch, by putting their business and financial acumen to the test 

Run over three fictional “seasons”, the programme challenges players to make business decisions across a number of departments at a football club, including catering, ticket sales, sponsorship, and merchandise.

Five Foundation partner schools, on a Community Sports Foundation (CSF) ‘Inspiration Day’ at Carrow Road, were given the opportunity to try the programme first.

Aviva hopes that Footy Finance will help to increase passion and interest for business skills while improving confidence and awareness of financial, business, and risk management. 

Stevie Bramble, Curriculum Manager at CSF, said: “Aviva has supported our educational programme for the past seven years and this is the latest element of that. It is also our first digital programme so will have a wider reach.”

A version of the programme will be delivered by CSF to schools across the county.

As well as trialling the programme, the pupils were also given the opportunity to enjoy a ground tour and take part in a number of educational workshops. 

To find out more about Footy Finance, visit

Story added: 08 Mar 2017

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