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CSF supports National Childhood Obesity Week

Foundation helps to raise awareness of child obesity

The Community Sports Foundation (CSF) was pleased to support National Childhood Obesity Week (4-10 July) last week.

The campaign, launched by The National Obesity Forum (NOF) and MEND in 2011, aims to raise awareness of the dangers of being above a healthy weight during childhood.

Throughout the week, CSF held free physical activity sessions for families to help promote the importance of healthy eating and exercise for children and young people. 

In addition, participants from the Foundation’s Fit4it Junior Camp reunited at Norwich City Football Club on Friday to celebrate the completion of the programme.

As part of their Summer Camp experience, the youngsters had the opportunity to take part in health workshops, sporting sessions and attend a two night residential at Eaton Vale Activity Centre.

Parents join in the fun One participant receives their certificate

The Celebration Evening saw a large turnout and gave the participants, aged between seven and twelve, the chance to share their achievements with friends and family.

CSF Health Development Officer Tessa Beecroft, who hosted the event on Friday, said:

"Tackling the issue of children's weight is a growing problem and the lack of resources and support for parents is concerning.

“It is vital that we recognise the importance of this and try our best to encourage children to maintain a healthy weight.

“We hope we’ve managed to raise awareness throughout the week about the importance of being active and leading a healthy lifestyle.”

If you’d like more information on our health programmes, please contact for more details. 

GALLERY: To see photos from the Fit4it Graduation, please click here.

During the week, the Foundation also encouraged their Twitter followers to incorporate top health tips into their everyday life.



Story added: 12 Jul 2016

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