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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation news
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  • Norwich City CSF - News & Media
  • Norwich City CSF - News & Media

CSF sessions cancelled

Cancelled sessions list

Due to the weather conditions, the following CSF sessions are cancelled:


Thetford PDC - U7-U16 (Friday)

Gorleston PDC - U7-U12 (Friday)

Elite PDC - U9-U16 (Friday)

Dereham PDC GKs - U7-U12 (Friday)

Gorleston PDC GKs - U7-U12 (Friday)

Carrow Park GTC - U7-U12 (Friday)

Mini Kickers (Saturday)

Canary Club (Saturday)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will be in touch with parents and players regarding future arrangements for these sessions in due course. 

Story added: 13 Jan 2017

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