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CSF host PL Reading Stars Day

The Foundation offer support to National Literacy event.

The Community Sports Foundation hosted a Premier League Reading Stars Author Event on Tuesday, with over 100 pupils from different schools across Norfolk attending alongside special guests, authors Jason Somper and Sam Gayton. 

The event, which is organised by the National Literacy Trust, is designed to stimulate children aged 9-13 years who love football but may lack motivation to engage with and achieve in literacy. 

Over the past three years, it has helped thousands of children by building on evidence footballers can influence the way young people view reading, with the Canaries among those to offer their support to the scheme. 

Asa Saunders delivers a workshopThe pupils on the ground tour

On the day, the pupils enjoyed a series of workshops delivered by the authors and were treated to a behind-the-scenes ground tour of Carrow Road.

Joe Harvey, CSF Schools Development Officer, said:

"The Premier League Reading Stars programme has a proven track record of success, and we are delighted to play a part in it.

"We would like to thank Jason and Sam for their support in delivering the event, with their experience really helping to engage the pupils who attended. Education is a central part of the Community Sports Foundation’s ethos, and projects such as these are ones we are very proud to be involved in."

To find out more about the Premier League Reading Stars programme, contact



Story added: 27 Apr 2016

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