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Aviva Grand Prix League continues

Local teams battle it out in fourth matchday of the season

Earlier in March, over 40 adults with learning disabilities took part in the latest round of fixtures in the Aviva Adult Disability Grand Prix League, held at Carrow Park.

The event was the fourth of six match days across the 2015-16 season and saw five teams, from various Adult Day Centres and colleges across Norfolk, compete in small sided games across two pitches.

Current league leaders, City College A, continued their impressive form and were winners on the day which meant they retained the top spot, followed closely by Assist Trust.

One of the teams at the matchdayParticipants on the day

CSF Disability Development Officer, Darren Hunter, said:

“It’s been a fantastic atmosphere at Carrow Park today. To see so many participants enjoying their football, playing amongst their peers and making new friends is incredibly rewarding.

“We have been very fortunate to have five volunteers from Aviva join us for the day. Thank you to them for coming along.”

Thumbs up! Some participants on the day The Aviva volunteers

The Adult Disability Grand Prix Leagues, which are supported by Aviva, are a brilliant opportunity for adults to come and play within a competitive environment.

If you need to find out more information about the Leagues please contact or click here.

Story added: 29 Mar 2016

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