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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation fundraising
  • Norwich City CSF - Fundraising
  • Norwich City CSF - Fundraising
  • Norwich City CSF - Fundraising

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How you can give money to the charity

Taking part in sport not only helps to improve people's health, but also their self-confidence, communication and teamwork. It is also a great way to meet new friends who may have similar disabilities or had similar experiences.

Many of the Foundation's programmes with disabled and disadvantaged participants are reliant on the generosity of individuals, businesses and supporter groups.

If you wish to support the Foundation directly, you can donate via the following methods:

Donate to us directly by visiting our fundraising page on either Virgin Money Giving, BT My Donate or Just Giving. You can gives as much or as little as you like via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Please click the buttons below to donate:

Virgin Money Giving


    Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


BT My Donate 


BT MyDonate is a fundraising service that doesn’t take commission, charge charities for registering or charge a percentage from the total money raised.
The only charges you’ll see are the standard 15p flat rate fee for a debit card transaction or a 1.3% credit card charge. Beyond that, every penny donated will go straight to CSF.

Just Giving 

    Donate with JustGiving