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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children

Disability Sport

CSF Disability Activities for Children

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation provides a range of activities for children within our Disability theme, including Match Day clubs, Soccer Skill Centres, Multi-Sport SessionsWater Exercise Centres and Dance.

Aviva kindly supports our disability Grand Prix League which see's over 200 adults and children compete in competitive leagues over the course of the football season. Teams range from disability adult day centres, colleges and special education schools.

The disability theme works with several partners across its programmes and CSF appreciates the support we receive. Please see each programme page for the relevant partners.

Several programmes within our disability theme are reliant on money raised through events such as Jamie's Game, Run Norwich and the fundraising efforts of businesses and individuals. To find out more about how you can get involved, click here.