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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children
  • Norwich City CSF - Children

Fit4it programmes

Healthy lifestyle programmes for 4-16 year olds

Fit4it is a FREE fun and interactive healthy lifestyle course, delivered throughout Norfolk. More details on the relevant programme can be found below: 

Fit4it 4-6 years programme

Course duration: 8-weeks

Each weekly session will consist of:

• 60 minutes - fun multi-skills session and parent workshop.

The programme will conclude with a Certificate presentation at Carrow Park (Norwich City FC).

Fit4it 7-12 years programme 

Course duration: 10-weeks

Each session will consist of:

• 45 minutes - fun and interactive Health Workshop
• 45 minutes - Physical activity session

Our group of coaches will deliver a range of different sporting activities through the programme including:

• Football
• Basketball
• Netball
• Table Tennis
• Handball
• Dodgeball
• Hockey
• Rugby
• Multi-Skills

The programme will conclude with a Celebration Evening at Norwich City FC.

Download our programme schedule (PDF)

Fit4it Camps (13-16yrs)

More information on the Fit4it Camp programme can be found here

How to Join 

For more information, please contact the Health Development Officer or Youth Health Trainer on 01603 761122 or by email.

You can download an application form here.

If you know someone who might be eligible for Fit4it, please contact our office or download a referral form


Programme funders: 

Premier League

 Norfolk County Council

Programme run in association with: 

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