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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation adults
  • Norwich City CSF - Adults
  • Norwich City CSF - Adults
  • Norwich City CSF - Adults

Representative Squads

Elite disability football programme

Representing your local professional football club is an ambition for any footballer and we run representative squads within the following groups:

  • Adult Player Development Centre;
  • CSF Down's Syndrome team
  • Norwich City Powerchair Football Club 

Offering all the same perks of being on a team as their able bodied peers, our disability representative squads enjoy tours and festivals alongside a programme of fixtures against representative teams from other Premier League/Football league clubs. 

Recruitment for the Representative Squads takes place at CSF Disability Soccer Skill Centres where coaches will identify players and make recommendations.

Representative Squads
The Pan-Disability team at Carrow Road before a fixture against Charlton Athletic's representative team