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Norwich City Community Sports Foundation about
  • Norwich City CSF - About CSF
  • Norwich City CSF - About CSF
  • Norwich City CSF - About CSF

The CSF Team

The people who make us what we are

Having excellent coaching staff that love making a difference is something we are very proud of.

Here are the people behind our success (if you'd like to join us, find out about our latest vacancies here):

Ian Thornton  Director

Gavin Coe  Operations Development Manager
Jackie Thornton  Funding & Strategy Development Manager
Maria Brett  Finance Manager
Dan Wynne  Marketing & Communications Manager
Dan Crouch  Contracts & Performance Manager
Stevie Bramble  Curriculum Manager
Steven Balls  Workforce Recruitment Officer
Daniel Goffin  Football Development Officer (U13 - U16)
Jordan Southgate  Football Development Officer (U10 - U12) 
Lewis Plowman  Football Development Officer (U5 - U9)
Jack Garrod  Football Development Officer - East Norfolk
Sian Wager  Football Development Officer - Girls' and Womens'
Tessa Beecroft  Health Development Officer
Amber Coe  Customer Service Development Officer
Hannah Clay  Partnerships Officer
Joe Harvey  Schools Development Officer
Emma Fletcher  Charity Fundraising Officer
Paul Sykes  NCS Project Officer
Darren Hunter  Disability Development Officer
Asa Saunders  Schools Partnership Officer
Toby Nickerson  Sports Development Officer
Lacie Pammen  Operations Development Officer
Roscoe Hipperson  Education Development Officer (19+)
Adam Drury  Shadow Squad Coach
Paul Holmes  Education Development Officer (16-18)
Laurence York  Coach Development Officer
David Shade  Social Engagement Development Officer (19+)
Amy Grewe  Run Norwich Event Officer
Freddie Powell-Tuck  Marketing & Communications Officer
Nicola Harvey  Graphic Designer

Jackson Ramm  Football Engagement Co-ordinator - Kicks
Mark Vaudin  Disability Co-ordinator
Chris Ninham  Football Co-ordinator - Goalkeepers
Fiona Coombes  Football Development Co-ordinator - Girls & Womens
Marc Campbell  Futsal Co-ordinator
Jordan King  Futsal Co-ordinator
Graham Lewis  Futsal Coach
Katie Gamon  Health Co-ordinator
Mark Woodcock  Premier League Enterprise Co-ordinator
Ryan Jarvis  Football Development Co-ordinator (16-18)
Claire Pullen  NCS Engagement Co-ordinator
Jenna Cannell  NCS Engagement Co-ordinator
Stacey Swallow  Finance Assistant
Lisa Chapman   NCS Delivery Co-ordinator
Luke Sweeney  NCS Delivery Co-ordinator
Leisha Wegg  NCS Delivery Co-ordinator
Max Leveridge  Digital Media Co-ordinator

Chelsea MacColl  Health Engagement Coach
Ashley Fountain  Health Engagement Coach
Kelly Watson  National Citizen Service Team Leader 
Matt Coote  National Citizen Service Team Leader
Luke Winter  National Citizen Service Team Leader
Aaron Curtis  National Citizen Service Engagement Assistant
Curtis Beales  NCS Data Co-ordinator
Emily Wood  Marketing & Communications Assistant
Georgia-Mae Shepperd  Fundraising Assistant
Shell Hak  Customer Services Assistant
Katie Ager  Customer Services Assistant
Reece Morgan
 Disability Sports Coach
Lauren Purton
 Schools Activity Co-ordinator
Lee Wicks  Kids' Courses Leader
Gregg Jonas  Community Support Coach
Angus Mackie  Community Support Coach
Jon Abbott  Community Sports Coach
Graham Lewis  Community Sports Coach
Matty Brown  Community Sports Coach
Connor Kerry  Community Sports Coach
Tom Armit  Community Sports Coach
Richard Graham  Community Sports Coach
Summer Moore  Community Sports Coach
Jake Mardell  Community Sports Coach
Nathan Welton  Community Sports Coach
Kai Hewitt  Community Sports Coach
Steph Powell  Community Sports Coach
Jordan Boyd  Junior Graphic Designer

Ryan Hunt  Football Support Assistant
Cody Morrison  Finance Apprentice